Roland TD 27 Presets By Adrien Drums V2

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5 pure acoustic presets

  • 1 All around kit for Rock Pop & modern Metal music designed into 3 presets :
    • Acoustic
    • Dry
    • Extra Dry
    • Roomy
  • 1 kit designed into 1 preset for Funk & Fusion

You can hear them on my Roland Review videos on my Youtube Channel : Adrien Drums


Disclaimer : don’t worry about the size of the file, it is light weight, and it’s totally normal. You will find 5 files.TD0

Format your SD card within your drum module

Download the zip files & Expand it to get the “.TD0” files. DO NOT RENAME THE KITS.

Place the kits (“.TD0”) into the kit file of your SD card (Roland>TD27>Kits)

Then you can import them ONLY 1 BY 1 on the SD card menu of your TD 27: System>SD Card> 1kit Load. Then select the kit you want to upload within the SD card, YOU WILL HAVE TO SCROLL UNTIL YOU FIND THE KIT NUMBER AS THEY ARE WRITTEN WITHIN THE SD CARD (Ex, kit name contain 10, so scroll until 10), and select the destination (kit number) you want the preset to be uploaded (be careful any kit already present at the selected number will be erased). Press Load, then OK. And you’re good to go!

–> If you have any trouble :

–> Ask me on the comment section for any particular preset you need


15 reviews for Roland TD 27 Presets By Adrien Drums V2

  1. xavier (verified owner)

    Un grand merci Adriens car non seulement tes 4 kit sont excellents mais tu as eu la patiente de m’aider à les installer sur mon module car tout nouveau pour moi j’étais en galère . je viens de passer du temps avec les differents kit de ton cru , c’est juste génial . Bravo et merci

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    I love the acoustic kit and use it as my primary most of the time. The snare and toms sound have much more depth and tone and I’m completely satisfied with my purchase!

  3. Alejandro Guerrero (verified owner)

    Merci beaucoup Adrien !! Très bon son ! Les kits sont parfaits pour un débutant qui cherche à utiliser sa TD-27 au plus vite. Les kits me permettront de visualiser ton travail et re faire, ensuite, moi-même mes propres kits,
    100% recommandé !! et à l’attente des nouveaux kits (jazz, reggae, etc…)

    • Adrien Drums

      Merci pour ton retour! Amuse toi bien alors 😉 Oui pour le moment mon kit est orienté Pop/Rock/Metal (moderne), l’idée c’était d’avoir un kit tout terrain qui puisse fonctionner (presque) partout. Le jazz et le reggae ont en effet des particularités sonore un peu différentes. Je note ta remarque! Par curiosité, quel casque utilises tu ?

  4. Howie (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase. The five kits are nicely balanced, well tuned, punchy and have the perfect amount of ambience (with appropriate variety).

  5. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Best 5 kits on my module. Thank You.

  6. Christopher Elam

    The kits sound great, and react more like acoustic drums. Very Satisfied!

  7. Mark (verified owner)

    Adrien, the drums work well and sound great. Happy with the purchase.

  8. Ewan Branda (verified owner)

    Excellent, neutral kits that make a great starting point for your own customizations. One catch: The .TD0 file naming number scheme starts at “KIT-010.TD0” I had to rename the files so that they started at “KIT-001.TD0” for my (new) TD-27 module to read them from the SD card.

    • Adrien Drums

      Thanks for the feedback, I will improve that for the next ones. Cheers!

  9. Charles Viau (verified owner)

    I have been playing Roland V-Drums for 15 years. I now have the VAD506 with TD-27 and extras and just purchased your pre-sets. Blow Away… best kit ever and with all the variations, it is the only kit I will play out. My thing is Funk and R&B and finally an E-kit that you can play Tower of Power songs with. David Garibaldi would be proud.

  10. Jan Specht (verified owner)

    Thank you for your fantastic work! The Premium Acoustic and the Roomy Acoustic are my absolute favorites. I had previously bought 2 sets through drum tech which were already better than the ones already implemented. Since I bought it, I’ve only used yours! If you should make more sets for Metal Core, for example, I would be very happy and buy them immediately 😁🤘🏻

  11. antoine houdebine (verified owner)

    super kits. Tres propres. installation facile. marchent tous tres bien. Allez Adrien, il nous manque juste 1 truc : fais nous un kit avec une “bell” quelque part ( a la place du cross stick caisse claire ou tom 1 par exemple ).
    je recommande a fond sinon. pour le prix, rien à redire. top.

  12. Corrado (verified owner)

    I agree with the opinion of the other users. The kit are very very good, are better than the drum tech ones, are better than all the other kits that I downloaded from other shop. Great work! If you will realize other kit surely I will buy it!!!

  13. Bertrand Yves (verified owner)

    Bonjour. Un grand merci pour vos kits !!! Ma question est de savoir si vous avez les…mêmes pour la TD17KV ?….
    Ayant les 2 j’aurai souhaité pouvoir les avoir sur la 17…
    Merci de votre réponse.

  14. David Beason (verified owner)

    These are the best V-drum kits I’ve ever heard. I recently went to the TD-50x from the TD-27 and am really missing these. Any way to convert these to the TD-50x (on your end)? I would be happy to re-buy these in the TD-50x format. Great job on these and all your other kits as well!

  15. Michael Hughes (verified owner)

    I also have to agree with all the other opinions that these are the best V-drum kits I’ve heard.
    Also nice and easy to download for a technophobe like me and would highly recommend to anyone.

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