Electronic Equipment
I proudly play on a custom ROLAND V-DRUMS kit :

  • Drum Brain : Roland TD 25 : A must have, user friendly.  The acoustic sounds are really realistic, and adapted to different styles (Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk,…). The electronic sounds are fun and open to many possibilities.
  • Pads : Custom DIY pads based on Roland’s trigger and aimed to look like TD 30
  • Cymbals : 2 hihats : One VH11 for the main hihat and a 8 inches pad for the secondary hihat. 15 inches Ride, 2 14 inches Crashes, 12 inches cymbal used as a chinese.

I really recommend those products to all drummers for the look,  quality and durability. Check them out : http://www.roland.com/categories/v-drums

Acoustic Equipment

  • A set of TRX CYMBALS :
    – Ride LTD 21′
    – Hihat 14’ Bottom DRK Top BRT
    – Crash Left MDM 19′
    – Crash Right ALT 18′
    – China LTD 19′

I love them, powerful, complex harmonics, both dark and bright. Check them out : http://www.trxcymbals.com

I also use Cympad’s foam for rehearsals and small venues. They have become irreplaceable : http://www.cympad.com

Snare Gretsch Full Range 14×7 : Dark & Deep sound with great lows.

I don’t have a full acoustic drum kit as I live in an apartment, so I play on others’ kit !

Recording equipment

I use EARBAY monitors (In-ears), 3 voices, I love the sound : http://www.earbay.fr (French Only)
Mac book pro
Logic Pro X with samples from STEVEN SLATE DRUMS  & SLATE DIGITAL, best drum samples & mixing tools ever. They are ready to use, user friendly and will save you a lot time to be creative instead of turning some knobs for hours : http://www.stevenslatedrums.com
Final Cut Pro X

2 go pro 3, 1 go pro 1, 1 camera nikon J1


I wear RLRRLRLL T-shirt, an awesome new brand that I like a lot : http://www.rlrrlrll.clothing/en/

You can have a 15% discount if you use adriendrums as a purchase code.

36 thoughts on “Equipment-Endorsement

    • Hey Wattup67,

      My advice would be to find some drummers that inspires you, to buy a small drum set, even a cheap on, you can even start drumming on you legs or a pillow or do some air drumming over a song trying to imitate the drummer, it can help a lot 😉

      Then find a teacher in your area and start your journey 😉

  1. I’m 15 and I study how to play the drums at school but still, I’m not that good at it. Josh Dun inspires me (and you though, I admire your work) but I don’t have any equimpent yet. Do you think that I should start first with the basics like a snare, bass drum and hi hat or what?

    • Yeah, many people with low budget starts with just a snare, hi hat and bass drum, and a crash if you want, then you can buy the toms, ride, etc that arent very used on songs

  2. Hello Adrien! First of all congratulations for everything.
    You’re an inspiration to me, I’ve start learning the drums only recently and you motivate me a lot.
    If you do not mind can I ask what configuration of the Steven Slater 4 do you use to have a sound so incredible in the cover of Heathens? Thank you and congratulations again, keep it up!

  3. Hey Adrien,

    Can you put a link with your complete electronic drumkit? I tried to find all the parts together to buy it myself, but couldn’t find it..
    I really have the idea that your drumkit will work for me!
    Thanks in advance!

  4. Do you favor a certain brand of Drum Stick over another? What about size (subjective I know, but still interested to know basis for your choices).
    Thank you!!

  5. Hi Adrien,

    Love your videos!

    What is the connection between your TD25, TM2 and the extra cymbals? I want to copy this on my TD25 but not sure how 🙁

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Adrien, What software do you use to play and video record the drum score. I see you have drum score live below of some of (DRUMS ONLY) covers. Thanks.

  7. Hi Adrien,
    What software do you use to play and video record the drum score progress. I see these recordings in your Drums Only videos.

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