Drum Sheets

Architects : Gone with the wind


Twenty One Pilots : Heathens 

Twenty One Pilots : HeavyDirtySoul 

Linkin Park : Guilty All The Same

Twenty One Pilots : Lane Boy

Bring Me The Horizon : Throne

Maroon 5 – Maps

  • Drums Sheet (PDF) : Drum Sheet Maroon 5
  • Steven Slate Drums kits (SSD4 + David Bendeth pack + Chris Lord Alge pack ) : Soon

Red – Feed the Machine

Let me know if it is helpful or if you need any other drum sheets of my covers !

72 thoughts on “Drum Sheets

  1. Could you please add the sheet music for Lucky Strike by Maroon 5. I really like that song, and the way you played it was amazing.

  2. Hey Adrien,
    I have found your channel only a few days ago and I was wondering if you had drumtabs of your Pendulum – Witchcraft cover? I haven’t played the drums since 2012, but I wish I had never stopped playing :/. I have only watched a few of your videos and they are really good so far!

    • Hey Maurits !

      Thank you very much man, well I will try to do all the drum sheets of my covers, but it takes time so I don’t really know when it will be available ! Good luck with your drumming anyway ! Stay tuned

  3. Hey mate how it going, I was just wondering if I could grab the drum music for Heathens off you. I want to try to teach myself and impress my drum teacher. cheers Kal

  4. Hey Adrien,
    I recently got a drum set and started to practice drums so I went online and started to watch all of your drumming videos and I thought that they were extremely cool and a bit different from the normal songs they came from (amazing). If you can get around to it, would you mind doing more Twenty One Pilots cover songs?

    Thanks, Bryan

  5. I haven’t searched a lot, but i’d like you to make Linkin Park’s “In the end” cover..that would be pretty amazing, in order to have the drum sheet too. Keep working like this, youre doin’ well!

  6. Hey mate, it would be really dope if you could throw up the sheet for Don’t Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers, that was an incredible cover among others and it’d be great if you could write the notes, thanks!

  7. The fact that you are willing to share your drum sheets for free is freakin’ amazing dude. I’ve wanted to learn how to play Lane Boy and Throne for sooo long, and these drum sheets will help me out a lot.


  8. How do you get your notes, like do you copy the notes down, or do you use a program that does it while you play? Also I love your stuff, keep us the good work!

  9. i have just joined intermediate school rock band, the heavydirtysoul music (song we are playing) really impressed my tutor. thanks a lot adrian drums love your channel

  10. Hey adrien! I found your channel about 1 month ago and was wondering if you could post the sheet music for the shape of you please that would be awesome also you’re one of my favorite drummers so yeah! Stay cool dude

  11. Ive been looking for a website like this for ages and have really wanted to learn lane boy by 21 pilots on dums so thank you. Also could you please do migraine by twenty one pilots

  12. And I was wondering if you could put Kitchen Sink, Migraine, and Message man, all by Twenty One Pilots in that order please. That would be great! Once again, no remixes please. Thanks!

  13. First of all your covers are all amazing! I was hoping to find the sheet for Pendulum – Witchcraft, I really think your version is the best around the internet.
    Keep up the good work man!

  14. adrien you are an excellent drummer, you can put in pdf the transcript of “Eminem & Rihanna – Monster” and “Michael Jackson – Bad” and “SIA – Chandelier – DRUM REMIX” please bro

  15. Hey Adrien, I just watched your cover from your YouTube channel which I liked it so much.
    Thanks for your awesome covers and sheets!
    Please keep uploading more of your cool covers. I’m looking forward to it.

  16. Hello Adrian,
    I have been inspired by you the past three months. For school, I have a course called the personal project. In this project I get to do anything for a course of a year. For example, making a robot, working on a history component, writing a novel and so on. For this project I want to create a one mand band. For example I will play the drums, trumpet, play the piano and sing. Ther are many different variety’s on what I can do.
    At them moment I am fourteen years old and my pression is playing the drums, I own an ectronic Roland drum kit. However, I still do not understand how to record and develop my own drum music at I higher level.
    I have sent this email, to ask if you are willing to help me learn how to record my music, and combine my recording into ONE piece. Through the course of now to next year January, I have set a goal of uploading 10 musical covers onto YouTube.

    Thank you a lot, I am waiting for a reply! If you can help me it will be a lot of help!

    Sincerely, Euan Lewis
    Living in Japan

  17. Adrien your cover of Maroon 5 – lucky strike was incredible! I was totally amazed by it and still watch it a lot!! I know you have tons to do but just to let you know that we admire your great work!
    Monster by Eminem and Burn it down by Linkin Park are also great covers, absolutely killing it.

  18. Please make Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots! Please I want to learn it but i can’t find a drum sheet for free about this beautiful song! Please Please Please Please Please

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